The 5,000 sq. m. Old Lami Ltd. warehouse in Tbilisi, showing the loading of MFC onto one of the vehicles used for the free delivery of MFC, MDF, Acrylic faced MDF, worktops and countertops
About Us

Old Lami Ltd. is the leading distributor of ‘engineered wood’ (MDF, MFC, acrylic MDF, Parlak etc.) and furniture accessories for the furniture making, shopfitting and building industries in Tbilisi, as well as the country of Georgia, and has sales to the general Caucasus region, as well. Moreover, Old Lami Ltd. has established distribution agreements with many of the leading suppliers (Kastamonu, FINSA, Starwood, Orma and Pelipan etc.) and imports product from as far afield as Spain, Turkey, Russia and China.

The original business was started in 2000, but with the growth in the ‘engineered wood’ sector, Old Lami Ltd. was spun out and incorporated as a separate business in 2011. By now (2016), the company employs over 50 staff, has a 5,000 sq. m. warehouse and showroom near central Tbilisi, along with 3 other shop locations in different districts of Tbilisi.

In terms of services, the main warehouse and various of the premises are equipped with large Turanlar automatic edge banding machines, Bala vertical panel saws and heavy duty fork lift trucks, which are in virtually continuous use. There are also a variety of vehicles used for the free delivery of materials within Tbilisi. Incoming product is transported by rail and HGV, often from the Georgian ports of Poti and Batumi.

The Tbilisi area, being the hub of the Caucasus region, continues to enjoy steady growth, especially in the construction industry and with favourable economic fundamentals (very low labour and energy costs, as well as light regulation), the medium to long term outlook is very conducive towards the continued growth of Old Lami Ltd.’s business. Finally, the management team keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in the furniture making industry, attending international exhibitions on a regular basis and continuously seeking to source quality product at competitive prices.

Our Offices & Sales Desk
Showing the sales desk for MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard), MDF, PVC faced MDF, Chipboard and HDF, as well as edge banding and edge banding services. The sales desk for furniture accessories is nearby.
Photo of the Old Lami Ltd., management suite, accounting department and purchasing department where staff are continually seeking quality laminate products, edge banding and furniture accessories at the keenest prices.